Exclusive Aion 2 1 Patch Notes with Increased Rewards!

Ancient weapons, LV40 Blue/Expert Designs, and various grades of Fine fluxes. Lab Chief Eirin may drop a couple of LV42 greens – Eirin’s Belt or Eirin’s Glasses. Spirit King Agro is a giant earth-spirit that appears in the northeastern part of the research center. It drops a handful of LV43 blue items such as the Spirit King’s Jewel, Shield and Tome. It also drops a mediocre LV42 green ring called Agro’s Ring. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide he is surrounded by hostile manduris, you may want to clear any nearby mobs that may aggro during your fight with him. Kumonga is a named arachna located inside a semi-hidden location southwest of the manduri forest. You should be able to locate it once you follow a path with giant cobwebs. Be warned though; this mob is not that easy to defeat.
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Increased the range of the Cleric skill ‘Divine Spark I~III’ from 15m to 25m. Chanter skill ‘Blessing of Wind I~V’, from 1 second to ‘Cast Instantly’. Spiritmaster skill ‘Armor Spirit I’, from 5 minutes to 1 minute. Assassin skill ‘Quickening Doom I’, from 1 minute 30 seconds to 1 minute. Assassin skill ‘Blinding Burst I’, from 10 minutes to 3 minutes. Assassin skill ‘Apply Deadly Poison I~IV’, from 2 minutes to 10 seconds. Assassin skill ‘Apply Poison I~IV’, from 2 minutes to 10 seconds. Ranger skill ‘Nature’s Resolve I’, from 10 minutes to 5 minutes. Increased the duration of the Movement Speed Reduction of the Ranger skill ‘Call Gryphu I’ from 2 seconds to 3 seconds.

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It is important, and even very important, to know that only the merchants of acts 1 and 2 in normal mode sell normal and crimpable items. From level 25, in Act 3, merchants sell exclusively magical items. It fails again , then i got broked and used 35 manastones +60hp to get my gear filled. MMOEXP is the most reliable place to buy games currency, items, weapons, accounts and boosting services.
Bee with straight wings dividing E – ®, dotted border, rev. Pegasus with pointed wing flying to left, Q below, rev. With countermark of a horse to left in centre of shell, rev. Head of Athena to right, wearing crested helmet, rev. Issued 4th-2nd century B.C.; Gyrton, (7.61 g), obv. Athena head in Corinthian helmet right, rev. Issued 4th-2nd century B.C.; Halos, (2.04 g), obv. Bearded head of Herakles in lion skin to right, rev. Head of nymph or mainad wreathed with grapes, rev. Lightly toned, nearly very fine and very scarce.
Remember that the items sold via trade broker are from other players themselves so you’ll find good deals, if you just take note of the items’ quality and price. – As a templar, your damage won’t be that high compared to other classes. In this case, also bring a trusty greatsword with you. This is recommended when solo grinding as you can inflict better damage with a greatsword.

Since this is untradeable, clerics, chanters and even templars/gladiators should spend time hunting this mob. Calderon Hill The Big Cargo Boxes are only available near the shore, at the foot of the hill. The boxes that float on the water can be destroyed instantly while the ones partially submerged contain mobs that you need to defeat. You can only get one green manastone (Parry +19) from them and all types of lesser/minor fluxes. You can also farm Lesser Elemental Stones from them as well.
Mobs here also has the chance to drop random godstones, LV50 manastones, LV44+ skillbooks or LV42-45 stigma stones. Parched Barrens Mobs here are at least LV45 so don’t visit this area unless you’re at least LV40 otherwise you won’t be able to deal that much damage to them. Common collectibles would be Tough Rawhides, LV50 manastones, Major Elemental Stones, and Worthy/Expert/Ordinary Superb fluxes. Mobs here also has the chance to drop random godstones, LV44+ skillbooks or LV42-45 stigma stones. The Saplands Mobs in this level range have the possibility to drop LV45 white Blizzard weapons or armor, LV47 white Offering accessories, green LV45 Oblivion accessories or green LV45 Torment armors. Mobs here have the chance to drop LV30-40 Manastones, Greater Elemental Stones, Ordinary/Worthy/Expert Fine fluxes, Strong Rawhides and even green/blue LV33-38 crafting designs. Lucky hunters may even score random LV38 blue Justice armors, LV39 blue Justice accessories or even LV40 blue Justice weapons from them as well. Takun is the giant hero-class monkey that roams the area. Its best drop is a LV47 blue Jungle King’s Leather Leggings.


Aarien the Seacaller is a hero-class boss found near the waterfall portion of the lake. Its drops include LV43 blue Peneio’s leggings/ greaves or Peneio’s Shield. Its best drop are the LV43 gold Peneio’s Diamond Ring or Peneio’s Sapphire Ring. It also drops a unique LV42 material item called Core of the Seacaller.
All NPCs and players will be happy to slaughter you. Drops include LV50 gold belts (Karemiwen’s Band/ Leather Belt). She also the leg armor pieces of the LV50 blue Adma Elite’s armor set, as well as the leg armor pieces of the LV50 green Adma Guard’s armor pieces. Lord Lannok is the ultimate boss in this instance. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide Her «common» drops include a random LV35 Flame head gear for any class, a blue LV35 Kromede’s Necklace or a LV37 blue material item called Stone of Silence. This stone is used for crafting LV37 blue Fancy Judge’s Necklace, Judge’s Chain Gloves or Judge’s Gauntlets. Petrahulks in the area may drop a LV44 green material item called Ice Petrahulk Fragment which is a main reagent for crafting LV44, 345p green «Ice» items such as Ice Dirk, Stave or Earring.

Chief Krukel randomly appears in the kerubian area, east of Geroch Caldera. Upon defeat, you may obtain a LV38 green Krukel’s Horn Ornament or LV38 green Rabbit Leather Belt. His respawn time/condition is still undetermined. Moomba the Earthshaker is named mamut that randomly appears in the southernmost part of the Geroch Caldera. Lucky hunters may even obtain blue gears such as LV38 Destructive armors, LV39 Destructive Head gears, accessories or LV40 Destructive weapons.

The only differences are the class masters they’ll need to get their skill books from, certain race-specific «special» skills, and the overall locations they’ll need to travel to. Heck, there were even Mithril Coins to get. But had just a few hundreds of them, since, as IsaacNuketon and Ferk described, Coins had become obsolete later. Even Abyss Gear was crap in that time lol.

  • The issue of some items appearing incorrectly upon equipping has been resolved.
  • If you are sure you wish to enhance the weapon with the chosen Godstone hit the «Okay» button.
  • You should be able to locate it once you follow a path with giant cobwebs.
  • When playing solo, some templars may resort on equipping greatswords when grinding.

While the skill is in effect, your Physical Attack increases by 25. Target Selected Target Cast Time Instantly Cool-time 16 sec Cost MP 63 Incite Rage IV Taunts a target within a 15m radius of you to increase its Enmity toward you. Target Selected Target Cast Time Instantly Cool-time 1 min Cost MP 104 Divine Slash IV Inflicts 638~642 random physical damage on the target by wielding a great sword. Target Selected Target Cast Time Instantly Cool-time 30 sec Cost MP 104 Level 47 Boost HP V Increases Maximum HP by 15% and Natural Healing by 48. The Unofficial Aion Templar Guide a devastating damage. If your stacking crit/attack manastones, this should be enough to end the battle in a few strikes considering that their stone skin is down and IF they don’t kill you easily. However, if you can keep them close at this point, it almost means certain victory to you. The best godstones to use are the ones that may interrupt your enemy’s skill and leave them open through status effects. Godstones that paralyze your target will be your primary choice, especialy during single PvP. Though both stunning enemies also stops them on their tracks, paralyze is a lot better than stun for having a longer duration.

Good extremely fine and rare in this condition. Below printer’s imprint otherwise, extremely fine and rare. Temple, field scratch in front of face, otherwise nearly extremely fine and rare. Even brown patina, nearly extremely fine and rare. Toned, otherwise extremely fine and rare. Nearly extremely fine and rare, especially in this condition. Tahabata Pyrelord is the ultimate boss of this instance that can only be fought if your team managed to obtain an S-rank during your run. Obviously, he is also the hardest hero-level boss you’ll fight in the game and the only one that drops «Legendary» quality weapons.
If you have already acquired one of the existing quests, then it will automatically be replaced with the new one following the 2.7 update. Now players can resume the quests even after killing Captain Zanata on the Chantra Dredgion. For all types of coins except Iron Coins, reduced the number of Coins required to buy coin items. Renamed the elite Eracus Gargoyles in the Eracus Temple to “Crouching Eracus Gargoyles”, to distinguish them from the non-elite ones of the same name. Only the elite ones dropped the quest items for Earning Marana’s Respect. Fixed boss monster Debilkarim the Maker’s special attack skill, so that players cannot evade it using the topography, and also increased the skill’s range. If you wanted a strictly pvp mmo, you picked the wrong one. To get geared in Aion, you will run a lot of PVE, so get used to it–the game was purposefully designed that way. Most people, even the ones who deny it, spend more of their time in Aion doing PVE than PVP. However, what I am more referring to are events that give away items like enchant stones, manastones, and tempering solutions .
This way, you can kill reaper guards faster or even have one or two groups chase away any opportunists. It is plausible to do this with a single group, preferably during off peak hours so there’ll be lesser people playing. After defeating 7 reaper squads, return to the Storm Circle and talk to Bollvig. You can pat yourself at the back since the hardest part of this chain quest is over. At this level, you can also accept the following group quests to hunt down elites in Bakarma Barracks and deeper portion of the Hoarfrost Outpost.
Like the other mobs on their level range, they have the possibility to drop Life armors, including a LV25 blue Life Shield, L27 green Pit armors, Oasis accessories and Patriot armors. Weapons from them, LV22 designs (Manduri’s Gloves), some designs and even a possible Silence Arrow stigma drop. They are also a good source of Thick Rawhides. Kerubian Gatherers drop various LV22-23 designs and may occasionally drop Wanderer’s weapons, Pioneer’s armor, Worthy Accessory/ Armor Fluxes, and white desolation armors and weapons. Swamp Slimes can also rarely drop LV23 Life armors. Marshland Mudthorns may also drop Wanderer’s weapons, a possible Crippling Cut or Absorb Vitality stigma drop. They may also ocassionally drop white Daylight accessories and white Desolation weapons/ armor. Timolia Mine (LV8-10) These enemies drop basic items, with the inclusion of manastones and power shards, so you don’t need to spend too much time farming items and kinah from them. Dukaki Thugs may drop a green called Cliona Cloth Shoes that you can sell to LV7+ mages; however, its not worth your trouble since its auto-price starts at 1300 kinah. Supervisor Duaguru, the «boss» of this area doesn’t have anything significant to drops so don’t waste time farming him because he’s unique.
– After dealing with them, examine the weapon chests inside to grab x4 Prototype Weapons. Use the ramp to the right of the boss to reach the second floor. Fight your way around and you should reach the Nochsana Teleporter standing in the other side of the floor. The Unofficial Aion Templar Guide – Pale Narcis is located south and can be easily fought without too much danger. If possible get rid of pull him away from the patrolling sorcerers as their sleep and pretor transformation curses can wreck havok to your group. – The Hand of Justice After completing A message in Blood, you’ll receive the final group quest for this quest chain. Like the others, you’ll need to get rid of the two named lepharists indicated in the quest. – Lepharist Amok This is a repeatable quest that will require you to kill non-elites. This is best done alongside Mysterious Water Source so you can kill the Lepharist Fighters and Outriders while collecting their Crude Water Bottles.
Raw materials can be a good source of steady, low/average income. In demand materials such as metals , aether and gems can be sold in bulk or per quest requirement. You can start selling high level materials since not all people have the patience to increase their extraction level. Purchasing the above items beforehand will give you Item Enhancers as a refund https://www.beaxy.com/es/exchange/nrg-btc/ reward instead of Aeos Coins. Another way of earning Aeos Coins is by leveling up your trainer! Although the gap between level 3 and level 25 is quite large, you can earn a huge amount of coins if you keep on leveling up. There will be some events in the game that you may choose to participate in. Doing so will garner different rewards including Aeos coins.
Besides, the group that will defeat the box will share the loot it drops so if possible join a group so you can evenly share the goodies. Its respawn rate takes a long time so changing channels will help you in spotting one. This NPC is a good target for those low level legions wanting to equip their members with worthwhile weapons. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide enemies to farm here are the Dukaki Diggers and Vigilantes since they have a slightly higher drop rate, especially «greens» . The Diggers and Workers also drop Irons and Potions so you won’t be wasting your time fighting them. Since this entire area is full of hostiles, make sure to partner up with somebody to make it easier for you to complete the quests available here, as well as split the rewards. If you want to make kinah, and lots of it, then there are 3 basic ways to do this. Use your professions and the Auction House.

Usually, these can be sold for a starting price of 10,000 kinah each, which can increase depending on your server’s demand. Read more about icx coinmarketcap here. You can collect these as much as you want then sell them all later on. They may also drop LV37 white Barrens weapons, LV37 green Tainted armors, LV39 Corrupting weapons/ Shield and LV40 green Mist Mane armors. Worthy or even expert major/fine fluxes may be farmed from them, as well as Strong Rawhides and Greater Elemental Stones. You can also obtain random LV40 manastones from them. Sometimes, green and blue designs within the level range will also be dropped randomly. The same goes for random LV stigma stones. Kaidan Headquarters The elites here drop the Molars which can be traded for wonderful blue equipment from the shugo in the observatory in Lankusis Plateau. Usually, these insignias can be sold for a starting price of 10,000 kinah each, which can increase depending on your server’s demand.
All characters on an account share the same Kinah pool, so if you reach the limit on one character you cannot use another character on that account to sell the items. Anyone who thinks different has little other MMO experience. Just think about how many different ways you can most of the 4.0 instances and still be successful (bridge, tower, hyperion, DR, etc.). I’ve never played another game that allows for such a huge variety of classes to perform different roles either.
Manastone Conversion This is one of the skills alchemists can take advantage off. They can combine various manastones and convert them into more powerful forms. Cube This is your personal storage space. Every type of item occupies one slot; items of the same type are grouped together in a single slot. You’ll start with a meager number of slots which can be expanded by cube artisans in major cities by paying a small fee. The same thing goes with your warehouse space. You may want to consider expanding both your cube and warehouse spaces to ensure that you won’t ran out of space in case you need to store some valuable items. Personally, I’d like no starter gear either , the game is already quick enough. At least this way drops would matter more.